Crews making progress in Pine Creek Fire

IDAHO CITY, Idaho (KBOI) -- As with last summer's fire season, the small airport at Idaho City airport is once again being transformed into a busy fire base.

It's the nerve center now that some 420 firefighters are committed to the Pine Creek Fire, which has burned more than 2,400 acres in and around the Grimes Creek area.

"We're doing very well," said fire spokesman Chris Wilcox. "We have established hand lines and dozer lines on the north side of the fire, which has been the most active part of the fire the past few days."

The Pine Creek Fire is 40 percent contained, but it's still a long ways from being under control.

"Forty percent contained means that we have lines around much of it," said Wilcox. "But there are still hot spots. Containment means a less probability that (fire) will get out there again."

Residents and visitors to the idaho grimes creek area are advised to be cautious because of the increased air and ground traffic involved in fighting the fire.

The Pine Creek fire was started by humans, but exactly how that happened remains under investigation.

Officials at the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise say Idaho is way behind in the number of fires compared to this time last year.
Idaho falls into two geographic regions for fire statistics.

In the Eastern Great Basin area, there were 129 more fires and 844,000 acres burned at this time last year.

In the Northern Rockies region, there were 179 more fires and 475,000 acres burned as of this date last summer.