Crews keeping Karney Fire from Wilderness Ranch homes

WILDERNESS RANCH, Idaho (KBOI) -- Helicopters and airplanes buzzed the stubborn Karney Fire, dropping water and retardant on the flames that threaten about 100 homes in the Wilderness Ranch Subdivision in Boise County off HIghway 21.

Residents who remained in the area say it's sight they'll never forget.

"Yesterday was really scary," said Terry Carte, who decided to stay put at her home -- for now. "We saw the flames and the trees going up like match sticks."

About 80 people have voluntarily evacuated their homes.

"Obviously we want the fire out," said Dalia Griffith, who evacuated Tuesday. "But I am relieved that it has been beaten back a little, at least from the residences. My concern is I just want to go home."

After the fire jumped its perimeter lines overnight, crews were able to get containment back to ten percent by late morning. (Photos of the Fire >>>)

Reinforcements are on the way. As many as 20 more fire engines are headed to the fire as well as several more hand crews.
Federal funds are on the way from the Federal Emergency Management Agency

The money from could reimburse Idaho up to 75% of the cost for fighting this wildfire, but it does not provide help for the home destroyed by flames and the others they're threatening.

Authorities say the fire was started intentionally by Nathaniel Bartholomew, 18, a volunteer firefighter who lives in the Robie Creek area. He has pleaded not guilt to felony arson and remains in custody at the Ada County Jail.