Crashes on Bogus Basin Road prompt questions about safety

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A crash involving several cars on Bogus Basin Road Saturday night has some concerned with the safety of the road.

The snowy conditions even made it hard for Idaho State Police troopers to make it up to the scene of the crash.

"As we passed Simplot hill about a mile up the road, we lost traction and we couldn't go any further," trooper Kenny Walker said. "It became a pretty dangerous situation actually because we had three or four responding vehicles that just could not stop."

Some believe making improvements to the road would help make the drive safer, while others say people just need to drive safer and take it slow.

Bogus Basin said Saturday could be their busiest day of the season so far. As of 2:30 p.m. Saturday, the mountain told KBOI that more than 4,000 people had made the journey up to Bogus.

"It's awesome," Boise resident Michael Nesloney said. "It's awesome right now there's powder up there!"

Nesloney has lived in Boise for four years, but before that he lived in Texas, so said snow is still a slightly new concept.

"The past three years that I've come up here it hasn't been like this. It's been slushy and icy and horrible. This is the first time I've seen it like this."

But a busy day at Bogus means it was also a busy travel day up Bogus Basin Road.

"It's definitely tense," Nesloney said. "I mean especially if you're not coming up here every day it's a tense thing. I definitely take it a little slow."

Others say they're comfortable driving the road, and that you just need to drive slow and use four wheel drive.

"I'm confident," Boise resident Patrick Parker said. "I've driven in a lot of snow so I'm pretty comfortable."

But even those riding in the same car, have different feelings about the drive.

"I personally won't drive up because I don't feel comfortable driving in snow," Patrick's sister, Alyssa Parker said. "I always get a little nervous because there are a lot of thing that could happen."

Parker says the road is alright overall, but she thinks improvements could help in certain areas.

"There are some improvements they could make to make people more aware," she said. "Maybe by like just adding some more barriers around the tougher turns."

But almost nobody knows the road better than Bogus Basin General Manager Alan Moore. Moore has been driving up and down the road for 13 years almost every day. He said while it is a mountain road, it's not up to them to make any changes to it.

Moore says the best thing people can do is just slow down.

The road is really pretty good," he said. We keep it plowed and sanded. My opinion is that no matter what you do to the road to improve it or to straighten it, there will always be people that will drive too fast for the conditions. Just take it slow and you should be fine."