Cpl. Holtry: Officers know the risk and accept it

Cpl. Kevin Holtry delivers keynote address at ceremony at Idaho Peace Officers Memorial in Meridian Thursday. (KBOI photo)

Seventy-one names are on the Idaho Peace Officer's Memorial in Meridian, covering the years from 1883 to 2015.

Boise Police Cpl. Kevin Holtry, keynote speaker at Thursday's ceremony, told those who came to honor them that these officers, indeed, all officers on duty this day, have made peace with the nature of their work.

"You know what the risks are," Holtry said. "You accept them. Everybody knows this job is dangerous."

Holtry says he owes his life to the officers who stood by him the day he was shot five times last year when apprehending an armed suspect, and to police dog Jardo, who later died from his gunshot wounds.

After the ceremony, KBOI asked the corporal about accepting the risk.

"When I say accept the risk, I mean you can't feel bad if you get shot and lose a leg and get paralyzed," Holtry said, referring to his own wounds. "I knew going in looking for that guy that day that he was armed. He shot his own sister. I knew he was a bad man and when we had contact with him he wasn't going to surrender. Yeah, it sucks being in a chair. I don't want to be. But those are the cards I was dealt. I'm going to be the best wheelchair cop there is."

You can't help but feel on this day that Cpl. Kevin Holtry has never stood so tall in his life.