Cow heart prankster apologizes to unintended victim

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Sarah Johnson swears it was all a big mix-up.

Johnson is the woman who admitted to putting a cow's heart on a Northwest Portland doorstep as a Valentine's Day gift. The only problem was that she had the wrong house. She returned to that home Friday to apologize after learning the news spread.

She originally bought the cow heart as a gesture of love for a friend. Like any good gift, it came in a box with a note proclaiming, "You will always have my heart."

"Oh well," she said. "I mean, it's funny laughs."

Johnson originally dropped the cow heart off at a home on Northwest Flanders -- the wrong house.

"Just got wrong address," she said. "I thought that was the one we were talking about, but I guess it wasn't."

Once she realized her mistake, she decided to apologize.

"I should send them flowers ... that's what I should do," Johnson said.

She picked the perfect red roses and told the flower shop employees a strange story. The real explanation, she hoped, would be back where this all started, so Johnson made another delivery Friday -- with another note, hoping everything would be cleared up. By nightfall, the flowers and apology were received. Scott Fleming, who initially found the heart, is still a bit on edge.

"It's weird," he said. "I get she's trying to apologize, but also think it's weird now we have flowers sitting here."

Fleming hopes this is the last delivery.

"I hope it's over and hope it was harmless and was not meant for us," he said.

Police said the woman who was supposed to receive the heart actually emailed them, saying it was all a joke. Police said they're no longer investigating this incident.