Court grants Idaho's request to hold off on same-sex marriages

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has granted the State of Idaho's request to hold off on allowing same-sex marriages until the case goes through the appeals process.

Last week, a federal judge ruled that Idaho's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

Marriage licenses would have started to be issued last Friday morning, however the 9th Circuit agreed to temporarily halt the judge's decision from going into effect.

In the new order, which came down late Tuesday afternoon, Circuit Judge Andrew Hurwitz states that "It is almost certain that the Supreme Court will eventually resolve the merits of this appeal, and I do not venture to predict the Court's ultimate decision."

He adds that he doesn't believe that Idaho's same-sex marriage ban would survive interim review from the 9th Circuit.

He also says that the Supreme Court's decision to halt same-sex marriages in Utah earlier this year "provides a clear message" that these cases should be put on hold until the appeals process is complete.

The 9th Circuit has scheduled the hearing of those appeals for the week of September 8 in San Francisco.

Click here to read the 9th Circuit's order.