Couple suing governor hope temporary stay means temporary

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Lori Watsen and Sharene Watesen are one of four couples on the same-sex lawsuit filed against the governor. They say that they weren't totally disappointed by the news of a temporary stay by the 9th Circuit Court to put a hold on same-sex marriages from happening Friday. "Well obviously it's a little disappointing, but we're glad to hear it's a temporary stay which I think just means they want more time to actually consider the arguments for and against," Lori Watsen said.

Lori and Sharene aren't trying to get married in Idaho. They got legally married in New York in 2011. Lori wants to adopt Sharenes natural born son but they say Idaho courts turned them down. "I tried to adopt Conley earlier last year and was denied. And one of the reasons that was cited in the denial was because our marriage wasn't recognized by the state," Lori said.

Lori says that according to Idaho law, technically she and one year old Conley are strangers even though she has helped raise him from birth. They're hopeful if the law changes in Idaho, Conley won't have a single parent too much longer.

They say they still have a lot to celebrate this weekend even though things are on hold, they'll still have a party to go to because it's Conley's first birthday. "What a great birthday present. And it still is," Sharene says "The country is changing and people realize that love is love and family is family."