Couple preps for Doomsday: 'You've got to do things on your own'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- In the midst of national terror and tragedy, it's not a surprise life can change in split second crosses many Idahoans minds.

For one Boise couple, it's a thought they've understood and prepared for over the last several years.

"9-11 and Katrina. You can see that the government is not always going to be there looking out for you, you've got to do things on your own," Ray Schramm explained.

Ray and his wife, Lindsay are local business owners and live in the downtown area. They enjoy city life, but it does not interfere with passion of doomsday prepping.

"The word prepper is you know, whatever, the shortened version of prepared. I'm a prepper. I am preparing for things to not be the way they are right now," Lindsay said.

The couple says they've always had a plan, but in the last couple of years, their plan has expanded. It's a full fledged in depth emergency course of action including an underground tunnel, a 1968 military marine ambulance and a set of concrete cabins on private land near Idaho City.

"This location would be used as a secluded location depending upon crisis, whether it be an economic collapse or a pandemic or anything we would actually want to come up here and get away from the city," Ray explained.

The Schramm's say they fear a national or community emergency could affect them, so they believe they should be prepared for major changes in their lives.

"I don't want to have to be looking to somebody else to take care of me and my family, I want to have that base covered."

Whether it's an economic collapse, a health pandemic or even a road block to stop trucks from delivering to the grocery store, the Schramm's want to be ready.

Their "bug out" location is built by hand and powered by nature. From water purification systems and a gazebo greenhouse to a solar powered trailer and underground storage tunnel, the Schramm's stock up on food and medical supplies year round.

The couple, both originally from out of state, say they chose to live and prep in Idaho because of the low population density. Their private property in Idaho City has numerous sources of water and backs up to national forest land.

"Couple that with all the fuel, with all the trees that we have here, you just can't find that anywhere," Ray said.

The couple says in an emergency they would actually prefer not to retreat to Idaho City. They call their cabins a last resort and say they would "bug in" before ever "bugging out."

"The only reason we would actually leave our home in an emergency situation is if the outside environment became unstable and it became a threat to our safety," Lindsay said.

The Schramm's home in the city includes back up generators and an entirely edible landscape including fruit trees and a vegetable garden. They have a food storage room with emergency supplies ready to go.

When many people think of "doomsday preppers," they think of rather extreme introverts arming and isolating themselves. Lindsay and Ray are the opposite. They actually want their prepping skills to help others and say they believe survival is a group effort.

The Schramm's have taken their prepping passion and put it out there, as the owners of Boise's North End Organic Nursery.

"If we can become a more localized community and get away from the craziness of the world, then we can all be more resiliant," Lindsay said.

With a degree in nutrition, self reliance for Lindsay revolves around food. Her organic nursery is stocked to the brim with edible plants and seeds, and even a self reliance section.

"The whole purpose of the rocket stove is you can have fire anywhere."

Lindsay and her husband actually built some of the products in the self reliance section and sell them. Classes are also taught at the nursery about food preservation and seed saving techniques. The nursery is in its fourth season and still growing, much like the Schramm's dedication to prepping.

While some may look at the Schramm's lifestyle and think it is odd, they are a family that says they sleep better knowing they are ready for change.

"It's not about being extreme, and hunkering down and isolating themselves from the rest of the world Let's just think beyond tomorrow, next week and let's not be so arrogant to think that we know what's going to happen," Lindsay said.

The cabins the Schramm's built are available for rent during the year. If you are interested in renting one, you can contact the Schramm's via this link:

Here is a quick clip with Lindsay about how to get started if you're interested in prepping: