Could Spring 2013 be worst allergy season ever?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- From coast to coast comes the dire warning: this spring could be the worst allergy season ever.

But it seems like we hear that every year lately.

Many experts blame it on global warming, which means less snow cover, higher pollen levels and extended seasons.

But Dr. John Jeppson with the Boise Valley Asthma and Allergy Clinic isn't quite convinced the sky is falling.

"I know there are major parts of the country where they're still having winter storms," he said. "So it's hard to predict they're going to have bad pollen seasons based on what's happening right now."

During spring in the Treasure Valley, tree pollen causes the most suffering for allergy patients: cottonwood, juniper, birch and maple.

"We have seen some of those people already that are pretty miserable from that," said Dr. Jeppson.

Tree pollen peaks in March and tapers off in April with grass coming on strong through June.

What to do if you suffer from allergies?

- Close the windows in the morning.

- Set the air conditioning and car vents to recirculate air.

- Change clothes and shower after being outside.

- Take allergy medications before symptoms strike.

Get ready for the worst and we'll see later this year if the predictions come true.