Controversy over Dr. Charles Murray in Idaho

The event drew an audience of about 300 people (KBOI 2News Staff).

Controversial author Dr. Charles Murray visited the Treasure Valley on Saturday to give a keynote speech at the annual Idaho Freedom Foundation banquet.

The event drew an audience of about 300 people, as well as dozens of protesters outside of the venue.

Limiting government was the topic of Murray's speech, but it was the topic of his popular book "The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life" that caused contention.

"Charles Murray wrote a book called The Bell Curve which claims people of color test lower on IQ tests due to genetics," said Alicia Clegg, a protester. "The views he draws from his research are completely racist."

Wayne Hoffman, President of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, told KBOI 2News those claims are false and that there's a common ground that could be met.

"Instead of just assuming that we're racist, we're not, if we were to have a conversation and I had the opportunity to explain [then] they might actually see we have some common goals and beliefs," said Hoffman.

However, protesters say holding signs was the only platform they had to share their message.

"This is him coming to lecture," said Clegg. "He's not here to have a discussion."

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