Controversial Idaho State Police dash cam video goes viral

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The controversial YouTube video you can watch below has been popular online for several months. It's Idaho State Police dash cam video of a confrontation between a man and police. It went viral on Monday after the Libertarian Party posted it to its Facebook page.

The video shows police stopping behind a vehicle parked on the side of the road because it was having car trouble. Officers make a comment about the driver's Ron Paul bumper sticker, then get out and ask if he's okay. After that, they demand to see his license and registration.

The guy in the car posted on his YouTube page that he didn't feel they should have to give it to them, because they didn't pull him over, and he wasn't doing anything wrong.

So KBOI went to a Boise attorney to find out who was right. He tells us that's unclear.

He says police have the right to stop and ask for ID from any driver out on the road that they believe is doing something wrong.

"Here it's gray because law enforcement doesn't necessarily stop this individual," Attorney Jeff Brownson said, "They pull up behind him."

Brownson also says when police stop to check on someone, if the person says everything's alright and doesn't need any help, then asks the cops to leave, they should, according to Idaho State Law.

KBOI talked with the man in the car, but he didn't want to give any comment. We also called Idaho State Police, but no one there would comment on camera.

Watch the full uncut video: