Construction workers: water is lifeblood in triple digit heat

Construction workers say the best thing they can do in this heat is drink plenty of water. (KBOI photo)

Construction workers tell KBOI 2News there's really no way to beat the heat if your job requires being out in it all day.

They say you just learn to deal with the heat.

"Just work through it," said construction worker Scott Clark. "Nothing else you can do."

If we heard it once, we must have heard it dozens of times -- drink plenty of water.

It's called the lifeblood of our bodies for a very good reason.

"Just drink lots of water," said construction worker Carson Bice. "That's pretty much it. Maybe a sweat band here and there, but other than that, just drink lots of water."

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says frequent breaks in the shade or someplace cool are a good thing.

Keep an eye on your co-worker, just in case he or she exhibits signs of heat exhaustion. Dizziness, confusion and fatigue are things to look out for.

OSHA says take it slow and know your limits in the heat.

Work safety experts also say avoid coffee and caffeinated soft drinks and wear protective clothing that's lightweight, light colored and loose.

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