'Conservative shift' coming to Nampa City Hall

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) -- A brand-new mayor and four new city council members are headed to city hall in Idaho's second-largest city.

One of those newcomers, councilman-elect Bruce Skaug, a local attorney, says expect a more conservative approach to spending and fiscal accountability.

"And it's a conservative shift that's responsible, not knee jerk, not odd," he said. "There are good people coming in, and we're going to have some good changes."

In a stunning win that surprised even the challenger himself, city councilman Bob Henry narrowly defeated Mayor Tom Dale who has been at Nampa's helm for 12 years.

It's an upset seemingly out of the blue.

The managing editor of the Idaho Press Tribune, which endorsed Bob Henry, says Tom Dale's undoing was a combination of things.

Vickie Holbrook points to citizen angst over constructing a new public safety building in a climate of recession and perhaps above all, rising property taxes.

"So you take urban renewal, take the down economy, take the taxes, add that together and somebody's going to take the fall," Holbrook said. "And that's what happened to Mayor Tom Dale."

But Holbrook says Henry's slim margin of victory -- just 113 votes -- means people don't necessarily think Dale was doing a bad job, just that it was time for the winds of change to blow through town.

One of the four new council members has yet to be named. That person will be appointed to take Henry's spot on the council when he becomes mayor in January.