Company proposes year-round terrain park near Eagle

EAGLE, Idaho (KBOI) -- It's an ambitious plan that would turn the Eagle Sports Complex off North Horseshoe Bend Road into a year-round playground.

"The action sport experience would include skiing and snowboarding in the winter, as well as tubing," said Bob Holme, vice-president of marketing for Boise-based Gateway Parks. "There would be a wake board park in the summer, and we would also enhance the existing bike trails."

That's the vision Gateway hopes the Eagle City Council will embrace. And Gateway says the all-season terrain park can happen at no cost to local taxpayers.

"Our intention is to bring a million dollars to the project and invest into the infrastructure of the park," Holme said.

A key factor in all of this is the creation of a multi-million gallon reservoir here at the defunct Velodrome at the Eagle Sports Complex to be used in part for making snow."

The water would also serve as a summer venue for cable wake boarding and Gateway says the reservoir would stand ready as a source of water during fire season.

But first the idea has to catch fire with city leaders whose approval will make or break the plan.