Commute Alert: 'It's very slippery on all Ada roads this morning'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The snow is back in the Treasure Valley.

While it's certainly beautiful, it also means, of course, a tricky commute into work on this Wednesday morning. Snow started falling in the valley late Tuesday night, and it's still falling lightly as folks start waking up.

"It's very slippery on all Ada roads this morning," Ada County Sheriff said on Twitter. "Lots of slide - offs on I-84 and Connector, especially Flying Wye."

Ada County said dispatchers received calls for 50 non-injury crashes, 22 slide-offs, and seven injury crashes.

Dipatchers and Idaho State Police deputies say most were minor injury crashes.

"I understand from law enforcement that there have a variety of non-injury accidents as soon as the snow started overnight," said John Blake a field supervisor for Ada County Paramedics. "But so far this morning we've been very limited. Our services have been not needed- the requests have been very light."

Several crashes have been reported in the valley. Two separate crashes have occurred on or near the Connector, which will make for a slow drive into downtown Boise.

Many morning commuters said that they took the roads slow and left for where they needed to go a lot earlier.

"I left 40 minutes early," said Lorraine Fujii. "I just hate being late and I thought, 'you just never know what's going to be out there'."

"for my job I have to commute, I have to get around," said Hannah Harrison. "I have to help old people clean their houses, so we just try to drive as safe as we can and ya know just keep the safety distance and keep eyes open, and you know predict."

There have been no reported school closures or delays (sorry kids). AAA suggests eight to 10 seconds of space between you and the car ahead of you compared to the normal three to four.

The snow is certainly a welcomed site as early snowpack forecasts for the Idaho mountains are disappointing.

Another wave of moisture will move into the region beginning Wednesday evening, however, with warmer temps that could mean rain for the Treasure Valley, which could make things super slushy. Here's the full forecast.

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