Common Core Standards: What are they?

BOISE, Idaho- Common Core Standards is a term being thrown around a lot lately. Some are convinced it's the federal government trying to take over education of our children and creating mediocre students.

State Superintendent, Tom Luna, says nothing could be further from the truth. He says many leaders from different states got together to come up with a way to compare a sixth grader in Idaho to a sixth grader in another state. To do that they all had to be on the same page.

"What you'll see is a lot of concerns based on misinformation," Luna said. "There's no federal dollars. We don't have to adopt them. We could walk away today and nothing would change. This is a state led effort. It will take us down the path of assuring when our students graduate and go to college so they don't need remediation when they get there."

Luna says if you have a question about the common core standards go to the state website at