Clinical trial set to test cannabis oil in Treasure Valley

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- As lawmakers work on amendments to a bill that would legalize cannabis oil, a clinical trial is gearing up to test cannabis oil in the Treasure Valley.

The trial will be the first-ever in the Treasure Valley to test the effectiveness of a pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil or CBD oil known as Epidiolex on children with intractable seizure disorders.

"There have been some studies done," said Elisha Figueroa, director of the Idaho Office of Drug Policy. "But what FDA trials allow us to do is ensure there's a scientifically rigorous process. That there are double blind studies conducted, things like that, so it's not just anecdotal evidence."

The anecdotal evidence has already given hope to parents of epileptic children. That's why Clare Carey wants the Idaho Legislature to legalize a CBD oil supplement so it can be readily available. Her daughter Alexis has a rare form of epilepsy and suffers several seizures a day.

"And it's important to remember they're talking about two issues here," Carey said. "They're talking about a supplement and an FDA-approved medication. Both of those present viable options for decreasing seizures. Waiting for the Epidiolex trial won't make any difference. There's still going to be parents who want the supplement."

The clinical trial in the Treasure Valley will take about 14 weeks, using the CBD oil produced by a British pharmaceutical company, and administered with the cooperation of the Idaho Office on Drug Policy and a local neurologist.

It's open to all ages, on one condition: you have to suffer from those uncontrollable seizures.
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