City of Eagle will appraise proposed terrain park

EAGLE, Idaho (KBOI) - Eagle City Council approved an appraisal for part of the Sports Complex where the city wants to approve a terrain park. Some councilors voiced their frustration over dealing with the county over the process.

The council will pay $4,500 for the appraisal which Ada County Commissioners have requested to happen before any negotiations go forward.

There has been a controversy over whether the city has the right to charge for use of the terrain park in their lease with the county.

Councilor Mark Butler said he wouldn't mind buying some of the property so they could do what they wanted with it.

"Ownership gives us the ability to invest and feel very secure without people arguing the lease," said Butler. "So the millions of dollars that are going into this park will continue to function."

Others councilors like John Grasser were against buying part of the complex, and would rather deal with the current lease or even renegotiate.

"I have no appetite to buy any piece of that property because just as Jason said as I've always thought we have a good lease we ought to try and work with that," said Grasser.