City of Boise to consider making panhandling more difficult

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Boise City Council will consider three new ordinances that will help curb various levels of panhandling within city limits.

The city says it's looking into the matter after complaints from local business owners and residents.

The first proposed ordinance would update the existing aggressive soliciting city code by prohibiting: soliciting money from drivers on a roadway, soliciting folks who are eating and drinking at a restaurant or cafe, soliciting outside banks and ATM machines and solicitation within 20 feet of a bus stop or taxi stand.

A second ordinance would prohibit sitting or lying on publicly owned property not designed for for sitting, such as planters, trash cans, utility boxes and other similar objects.

The third ordinance will require permits for erecting a tent, stage or other structure, as well as tables and chairs on public property.

The city of Boise says the ordinances would not eliminate panhandling with the city. Passive solicitation in public areas will be legal.

A public hearing of the ordinance is scheduled for June 4 at 6 p.m.