City hoping to buy large chunk of the foothills next month

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - New hiking trails in the foothills could be coming soon to the area. The city of Boise is hoping to purchase a large chunk of land, to provide more outdoor activities for residents.

At the Boise City Council meeting tonight (Tuesday), city leaders will consider purchasing 260 acres of the "Hillside to the Hollow" property. This is the area north of Hill Road between Bogus Basin Road and North 33rd Street.

Purchasing this land will cost the city $1.9 million. But that money will come from the foothills fund, which was created by a 2001 levy.

This particular spot of the foothills is one favored by Boise residents for preservation under the levy.

The city wants to close the deal by mid-May and start planning trails for hiking and biking through the area.

Boise is preparing to buy the land from an investment group filling for bankruptcy. If the deal is successful, the city will hold several public hearings for recommendations on the trails, plants and wildlife habitat through the area.