City could start cracking down on aggressive panhandlers

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Boise City Council will look at new ordinances that would prevent people from panhandling in certain areas, and prevent aggressive panhandlers around the city.

There are already some rules in place, but the new proposals would prevent panhandling within a certain distance of businesses. It would also prevent panhandlers from sitting or laying on public areas not meant for people to be on. Things like trash bins, flower pots, and electrical boxes.

The city said it had been getting more complaints about panhandlers. Although, those we talked with downtown told us they don't believe it's that big of an issue.

"It's sad. I don't want them there because I want them to have a better life than that," said Boise resident Mini Sandhu. "I think that's the problem that needs to be dealt with instead of fining them."

While residents might not thinks it's a problem, some panhandlers themselves think it is. Cody Speer was near the I-184 overpass Monday afternoon. He told us he's not aggressive, but people who are make him look bad.

"I have seen aggressive people out here which is maybe where the law need to be imposed on them," said Speer

The city council work session will just discuss the proposed ordinances. They would still need to be read three times, and have public comment before it could be voted on. That could come as soon as June 18th, and the law could take effect by July.