Christmas is the time for more online ads, more online phishing

BOISE, IDAHO (KBOI) - With 6 less shopping days this year for Christmas, retailers are hitting computers with online ads harder than usual. According to reports identity thieves are hitting the computers extra hard as well. Software company Symantec says one in 437 messages online are phishing emails.

Many online shoppers have already seen a number of ads and phishing emails. "I've seen a couple that will just pop up with ads of 'oh you just won an I pad' and I probably get 5 a day. It's crazy," Mikaila Hayes said.

Reports say that online shoppers are more rushed during the holidays and may overlook red flags on emails looking to get your info. Forbes magazine says it's better to use your credit card than your debit card online because you may have a better chance of getting your money back. "A lot of times if you go in the comments that's what I look for because the comments are the best way to make sure the person that's selling is an actual reputable person," Hayes said.