Christmas in August? Why families are celebrating

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) - August seems like a funny time to celebrate Christmas, but families at Roaring Springs on Sunday didn't seem to mind. The water park hosted "Christmas You Missed," a holiday celebration for military families that missed last Christmas together because their loved ones were fighting overseas.

More than 500 local military families that had a member deployed during Christmas were invited to enjoy a day at the water park for free. Christmas music and holiday decorations got visitors in the holiday spirit. And military children got gifts from a summery Santa.

Serviceman Robert Mora says the event meant a lot to his family.

"We just got our Christmas picture with Santa, which was something we didn't have," he said, "And the Christmas music is going, so it just kind of gives that great Christmas atmosphere vibe. It's great for the kids to come in here and enjoy their time and just be together as a family."

Stacy Attinger's husband is currently deployed and will be gone this coming Christmas. Even though it wasn't quite a family Christmas, she still took her son to "Christmas You Missed."

"It makes the experience not as lonely when you know that others are thinking about you and want to reach out," Attinger said, "It kind of takes the sad part out of it when you're doing something fun and exciting about it instead."