Choose a flu vaccine that may be right for you

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Central Health Department says this year there are more options than ever to get a flu vaccine. The CDC's states, flu season may start in October and usually peaks in January and February. With multiple strains of the flu coming out last year more improved vaccines are out this flu season.

If you're not comfortable with needles CDHD says there are several alternatives. Dave Fotsch a CDHD spokesman says, "We offer the nasal spray and there is also an intra-dermal flu vaccine, so instead of having the needle stuck into your muscles it's just kind of put under the skin. And there's a new vaccine that's not made with chicken eggs."

The health department says babies under the age of 6 months can't get a flu shot. And the nasal spray vaccine is only for people under the age of 49. The CDHD say there's also a high dose version for people over the age of 65. One thing that hasn't changed is the flu like symptoms from getting the shot.

"People do have some side effects once they get the flu shot, they're generally pretty mild. But you might feel kind of achy, your nose might be running, maybe just not 100%. But believe me that is a lot better than getting the flu," says Fotsch.