Chilly fundraiser benefits wildland firefighters

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- It goes like this: somebody challenged our Alana Brophy to take a cold water plunge -- so she ran through a car wash.

In turn, Alana challenged our Kelsey Anderson who jumped into a pond and Alana also challenged KBOI 670's Nate Shelman who had ice water thrown on his face.

What's going on?

If you accept the challenge, it's a $10 donation to the Boise-based Wildland Firefighter Foundation which helps families of firefighters killed in the line of duty and assists injured firefighters and their families as well.

"The firefighters can get hurt out there," said Burk Minor, director of the foundation. "They can be in a hospital somewhere. So we'll get the family to them or them back to the family, or get them to a verified burn center. And God forbid if they get killed, we get the family together at the memorial and start helping them with bills."

The foundation came together in 1994 as a group of volunteers in the wake of the Storm King fire in Colorado that killed 14 firefighters.

The Coldwater Challenge is all in fun but for a serious cause -- to help those who keep the flames from our homes and the land we love.