Changing road conditions keep Treasure Valley drivers on their toes

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Even after the snow starts to melt, changing conditions continue to create problems for drivers trying to get around the Treasure Valley.

Snow, ice and slush all create unique problems on the road, but Idaho State Police say the mistakes we make dealing with them are usually the same.

"People want to get from point A to point B in a hurry," Idaho State Police Cpl. Jeff Jayne said. "That's usually when we start running into problems."

Jayne says it usually boils down to speed. That, mixed with messy roads can be a recipe for disaster.

In general, your tires have less traction in the snow. Because of that, accelerating too fast or turning too hard can cause trouble.

"When you turn, the front end doesn't turn where I want it to when I need it to and the back end turns more than I need it to," Jayne said. "What happens is the back end tries to pass the front end and that makes us go out of control."

Even more dangerous than snow, is ice on the roads.

"That's the worst condition of all where you have less traction ability and the mistakes that you make as a driver are compounded quite a bit," Jayne said.

So while slush may seem like the lesser of three evils, Idaho State Police say it actually creates a false sense of security.

"With slush you get more of a pulling effect," Jayne said. "It will grab your tires and pull your vehicle one way or the other."

Riding along with ISP, it didn't take long to see that regardless of the road conditions, the mistakes people make are often the same.

Just yards away from Idaho State Police headquarters, we found Micaela Cornelius and her friends pulled over on the side of the road after hitting a curb. Her friend was driving.

"It was kind of scary because we all slammed forward," Cornelius said. "It was slick on the way here but I didn't know it was going to be so bad that we'd hit a curb."

Everyone was okay, but Jayne says even small crashes like this are a very real reminder about the dangers under our tires.

Idaho State Police says no matter what kind of roads you encounter, you should be sure to pay extra attention and slow down.