Celebrating what makes Idaho unique

BOISE, Idaho - 150 things that make the gem state unique. That's the title of a new exhibit opening Tuesday at the Idaho Historical Museum.

"I think there is going to be something that everybody is going to enjoy," said Fred Fritchman, the exhibit designer.

It's a celebration of Idaho. The new exhibit has everything from major events to artifacts.

"I think people will really enjoy the hands on aspect of the exhibit," said Fritchman.

The exhibit includes a 7 foot long potato that you can take pictures. The museum also features littler known items and stories.

Ever heard of Psychiana? It was the world's largest mail order religion.

"They got a bunch of followers and it was this whole big thing. it just kind of happened and then disappeared," said Dono Ochoa.

People would sign up for a paid subscription and receive information about positive thinking and mental healing from self proclaimed prophet Frank Robinson.

"This was the second largest employer behind the University of Idaho in Latah County," said Fritchman.

The religion fizzled after Robinson's death in 1948.

To this day, the gem state is the third leading producer of mink in the country. Most of the mink farming happens in southern Idaho.

That part of the state happens to also have the oldest town in idaho. Franklin was settled near the Utah border in 1860 by 13 families who were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints.

The exhibit is part Idaho's sesquicentennial celebration. .