CBS reporter trades e-mail with Bergdahl family

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- John Miller is a CBS News senior correspondent and a former FBI official who established a relationship with sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's family since the Hailey native was captured.

On CBS This Morning, Miller talked about getting to know Bergdahl's parents after their son was taken prisoner.

"I talked to Bowe Bergdahl's dad," he said. "I've been out to Idaho. They're wonderful people but this is what they do now, focus on getting their son back."

Miller exchanged a late night e-mail with Bob Bergdahl Thursday which basically summed up the family's feelings.

"Wars are very easy to get into and very difficult to get out of, especially in South Asia," Bob Bergdahl wrote.

And he added: "Diplomacy, diplomacy diplomacy, it is long over due in the region."

We talked to Miller on the phone and he described the Bergdahls perspective.

"I don't think they're concerned whose feathers are ruffled at this stage as much as they're concerned that the conversation actually goes forward. that a dialogue begins," he said.

Miller also said he did not discuss with Bob Bergdahl what Miller called the "vexing problem" of exchanging Bowe for top Taliban operatives in prison at Guantanamo Bay.

But Miller, a former FBI assistant director, said that's a precedent you would like not to set, unless you're the person being held.