Caught on Camera: Guy in truck stops teen fleeing from police

SYRACUSE, Utah (KBOI) -- A police chase though a neighborhood ended in dramatic fashion, after the car went speeding through a park, nearly hitting a group of kids.

Police say a teen took off when they tried to pull him over, leading them on a high-speed chase. A parent recording their kids playing at a nearby park caught part of the chase on camera, as the vehicle sped straight across the grass. She yells at the kids to get out of the way, as the car narrowly avoids some of them. "My heart dropped. I honestly thought one of those kids is going to die," Brandy Rowley, one of the moms at the park told a local TV station.

Officers quickly ended their chase, worried that kids might get hurt, but it wasn't over. As the car came back through the neighborhood, Bryson Rowley jumped in his truck, and says he intentionally used it to stop the car. Video shows the truck turning straight toward the speeding car, slamming into it head-on. Officers are commending the father, saying he was worried the car would hit kids in the area. The 14-year-old who was driving the car is now in a juvenile detention center.