Carjacking suspect jumps out of second story window, escapes

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The carjacking suspect who's the target of a local manhunt has escaped police in Montana, Nampa Police said Tuesday morning.

Nampa Police Sgt. Tim Randall says 36-year-old Rodney Lee Seiber was spotted in Hardin, Mont. at the Super 8 motel. KBOI 2News called the Super 8 and spoke with Gail Geier, the desk clerk who was there when it happened.

Geier says her manager called the Big Horn County Sheriff's Department to come pick Seiber up when she found him sleeping in a teepee that's just for looks outside of the motel. She also says that by the time deputies arrived, Seiber was up and moving.

"He kind of walked across the parking lot, went in to the motel and down the hall, and tried to get out the door," Geier explained, "But he didn't go out the door. He came back up the hall and noticed that one of the rooms was open, so he went into that room and shut the door and put the chain on, and then he jumped out the window and hit the bushes."

Deputies say they were attempting to arrest Seiber when he jumped out of the bedroom window and ran into a wooded, brushy area behind the motel. Nampa Police tell KBOI 2News he wasn't wearing a shirt or shoes when he took off.

The Big Horn County Sheriff's Department and other local crews immediately began a search to locate him. Nampa Police say they're working closely with the Montana crews over the phone. They also say they feel confident that Seiber is still near Hardin.

"He's not familiar with the area," said Sergeant Joe Ramirez, detective with Nampa Police, "Any intelligence we've gathered shows that he doesn't know anybody in that area, so he's in a strange environment just getting by with his wits."

Local deputies did, found the 18-year-old girlfriend of Seiber, Brittany Robbins, who was with him.

Robbins has been booked on obstructing and resisting as well as trespassing.

Seiber, who's suspected of carjacking a Norco employee by knife point, and then disappearing into a Nampa area cornfield, is considered extremely armed and dangerous.

"Family members of Seiber have said that he knows this is his third strike and is not going back to prison," Randall said. "If anyone is camping or out cutting wood in the area they are urged to call 911 and not approach them."

Police say Seiber has threatened suicide or suicide by cop.