Careful how you drive! Police watching for aggressive drivers

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Police are cracking down on aggressive drivers statewide. That's because last year, aggressive driving caused more than half of all crashes in Idaho. It killed 66 people and seriously injured another 629. The Idaho Transportation Department is teaming up with police for this campaign that runs through August fourth.

ITD says several things fall under aggressive driving: speeding, tailgating, ignoring traffic signals, weaving in and out of lanes, passing on a shoulder, honking too much, flashing your lights, screaming, making faces and giving hand gestures can all land you a ticket.

Aggressive driving is not to be confused with road rage. Aggressive driving can only result in a ticket. But road rage involves a driver getting violent and is a criminal offense.

Police are encouraging people to call and report aggressive drivers. If you see one, they say you should get all of the information you can on the vehicle, then call 911 when it's safe for you to do so.