Capt. Phillips in Boise: 'You are much stronger than you know'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Captain Phillips spoke in Boise during the Chamber of Commerce 130th annual Gala Tuesday night. Phillips was on the ship which was boarded by pirates in 2009, and is the subject of a new movie staring Tom Hanks.

The captain came to the stage with a standing ovation from the crowd. While he told his story he said he hoped people would also take away lessons that could help in everyday life.

"One you are much stronger than even you know," said Phillips Second the only time all is lost is when we choose to give up. And third a dedicated professional and motivated team can overcome nearly any obstacle, or solve most any problem."

Phillips also described the moments leading up to the pirates boarding his ship, and the moment he realized he was much stronger than he knew.

"The pirates are shooting at us, and I can hear the ping. It's the pirates bullets making dents are ricocheting off the stack in the side of the hull," Phillips said

While the focus of his speech was serious he also kept the Boise crowd laughing with some lighthearted stories along the way.

There was also a silent auction during the event. Some of the items included movie posters from the captain himself.

After the ordeal in 2009, Phillips wrote a book about the experience. And it's now becoming a movie staring Tom Hanks which, which will be released this weekend.