Canyon County shows a surplus in taxes

CALDWELL,Idaho (KBOI) - The Canyon County Clerk's Office said while planning for next year's budget, they realized they have a lot of taxpayer money left over. They say by law the county is entitled to take $47 million in property taxes, but they will only ask for $31.5 million. Chris Yamamoto, the Canyon County Clerk said, "We're leaving $16 million dollars on the table that can remain in the taxpayers' pocket here in Canyon County."

But even with a reserve fully funded for emergencies, they say they didn't need the extra money. So they went to the county commissioners. "They said, 'What should we do about it?' I said, 'give it back.' 'All of it?' I said, 'give it back." Yamamoto said.

Canyon County says that if your property was worth $100,000 last year and went up in value to $120,000 this year, they say you will save close to $70 in taxes. Yamamoto says that last year was the first year the county showed a surplus since he can remember. He explains how the county has been able to account for the extra money. "Just simply good management. We've managed the funds well. We've been very frugal in our spending," Yamamoto said.

The clerk's office says they will submit the budget to the commissioners and they expect them to pass it.