Canyon County deputies count blessings this Thanksgiving

CANYON COUNTY, Idaho (KBOI) -- Take it from Canyon County Sheriff's Deputies Brad Childers and Mike Roth: getting shot in the line of duty is a life-changing event.

"It makes me appreciate things more when it all comes that close to being taken from you," says Deputy Childers.

"Now, whatever I can watch my kids do, whatever I can participate in, it means a lot," says Deputy Roth. "It's my life."

The two Treasure Valley lawmen are glad to just be alive this Thanksgiving. Childers and Roth almost lost their lives Oct. 23 when both were shot while pursuing a domestic violence suspect near Caldwell.

"I had an incredible pain in my arm that was overriding everything," Roth says. "But I also felt a pain in my side and knew that was actually more dangerous."

"After an incident, it takes a toll on you," says Childers. "You have the physical pain during the incident, and you have an overwhelming mix of emotions taking place. For me, the next few days were very somber."

Childers has returned to duty, Roth expects to be back soon.

For the two men and their families every day now is a thanksgiving.

And the two deputies say they are also extremely grateful for the support of the Treasure Valley community and their collages in law enforcement during this difficult time.

Authorities say the suspect in the deputies' shooting, Kyle Alan Batt, was shot in the leg by a SWAT team, and also turned his weapon on himself.

He survived, and is recovering from his injuries at a physical rehabilitation center in Boise.