Can LED lights interfere with your garage door opener?

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - A local man makes strides to conserve energy, but believes it may have caused problems for him and his neighbors in the process.

James Exler said the signal in the LED lights he bought actually interfered with the receivers in several garage door openers on their street.

Lighting pros tell KBOI the reason this is possible is because LED lights run on a chip that actually emits a signal. The LED lights Exler bought are made by TCP Lighting, which is based in Ohio, however they're sold right here in the Treasure Valley.

Exler said he wanted to install LED lights around the house, but found they have caused him more trouble than anything else. Shortly after he installed the LED bulbs, he said his wife couldn't get her garage door opener to work. Soon enough, three other neighbors started reporting the same problem.

"All my neighbors now have new batteries in their remotes because the the first thing everybody thinks of is 'the battery is getting weak, I need a new battery.' It wasn't the case," Exler said.

Instead, he said he did his research and found that the problem would come and go when he turned the lights on and off. The electric supply store in Nampa that sold Exler his lights said those particular bulbs emit a signal that is similar to a garage door opener, and tells KBOI it has pulled the lights off its shelves.

Exler returned the lights and exchanged them for new ones, but wanted others to be aware that they could run into the same issue with those lights.

TCP tells KBOI that while there is always the possibility of a problem with a product, they weren't aware of any other reports like this. However, Exler said he found plenty of information online that suggests otherwise.

Lighting pros here in the Treasure Valley say if this happens to you, you should try resetting your garage door opener.