Caller posing as cop spurs warnings from BBB, Canyon County

CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) - Canyon County Sheriff's office is putting out a warning about a new scheme that's designed to get you to shell out your money and personal information to someone posing as a police officer.

Canyon County trial court administrator Dan Kessler says the caller tells people there is a warrant out for their arrest because they didn't show up for jury duty. He said he thinks the scheme is unique to the area.

"To my knowledge, this is the first time we've experienced this in Canyon County," he said.

Kessler says the office is getting several calls from people about the phone calls. Everyone cites talking with who they thought was a police officer. The BBB has also issued a warning.

"They told these citizens receiving the calls that there's a bench warrant out for their arrest for not appearing for jury duty, and they also try to get identifying information from these individuals," he said.

The Canyon County Sheriff's Office said the caller wanted people to cough up somewhere around $900 on a pre-paid Visa. They also want your personal information in order to cancel the warrant.

"When anyone starts asking for identifying information that should throw up the red flag to not talk to the individual," Kessler said.

While the caller's threats may seem legitimate, Kessler said things don't add up. For one, he said the caller isn't a police officer. Secondly, he said Canyon County doesn't have any existing bench warrants.

If they did, Kessler said that's not the protocol they follow.

"An officer would show up with a bench warrant and the person would be taken into custody," Kessler said. "It's one of those things, if it doesn't feel right just don't give any information."

Canyon County Sheriff's office said they've tried tracking down the phone number, but that it has already been disconnected.

If you ever get a call like this, Kessler said to hang up and call police.