Caldwell School Board pulls support for steak and crab feed

CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) - Caldwell School Board will no longer allow the basketball team to take part in the annual Steak and All-You-Can-Eat Crab Feed because alcohol is served at the event. They said they worry about liability.

Some also raised concerns over students having access to alcohol while volunteering at the event.

The fundraiser has been happening for the past nine years. It raised about $8,000 - $13,000 a year for Caldwell High School Basketball, and American Legion Baseball.

Only one board member wanted to continue the event as is. Others worried about liability with kids and even the adults. Especially with players busing tables during the event.

Board Chairman Charles Stout claimed he even saw students drinking during the inaugural event back in 2003.

"There was a door in the back of the Elks that was open that night," said Stout. "Those kids weren't busing it to the trash. They were busing it out that door and finishing off those bottles. The reason I know that is I took a stroll out there and saw a group of them doing it."

While no students have been accused of that since, the board worries having an event with alcohol can lead to a bad situation. Even if it only involves an adult.

The American Legion said it worries that by not serving alcohol not as many people would come out, although the Legion admits no money comes from alcohol sales.

The Legion says they will continue with the event, but will search for a new partner. They also mentioned during Tuesday's meeting that they might not be able to make up the lost money with a different event.