Caldwell police call good Samaritan 'heroic'

Video courtesy Caldwell Police

Caldwell police are looking for a man for all the right reasons.

They say his actions earlier this month that helped an officer are nothing less than heroic

On the evening of Sept 2, Cpl. Chad Ivie made contact with a 20-year-old man wanted in connection with car burglaries.

A scuffle followed, and the officer's radio microphone was knocked off his uniform so he couldn't call for back up.

That's when the good Samaritan showed up.

Video from Ivie's body camera shows the confrontation with a car burglary suspect in the middle of the night.

During the scuffle, the corporal's radio microphone comes off so he can't call for help and the body cam is inadvertently turned off at one pont as well.

But a good Samaritan happened by and helped the police officer handcuff and subdue the suspect.

But we wondered: when should a civilian step in to help?

"There definitely is a time and a place for it," said Lt. Joey Hoadley, Caldwell police spokesman. "We kind of leave it up to the officer. If an officer is really struggling with somebody and you offer your help and the officer says help me out, the officer's asking for assistance, authorizing the civilian to help. But many times we get people trying to intervene when they shouldn't."

In this case, police say the good samaritan did all the right things. and asked if the officer needed help before stepping in.

But the good Samaritan left so quickly police never got a chance to thank him.

So they're hoping they can track him down to extend their gratitude in a formal way.

"He's a hero," said Lt. Hoadely.

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