Caldwell Neighbor torn over proposed paintball course

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A Caldwell man is asking for a permit to change part of his property to "amusement park" for a paintball course. Some neighbors worry it would be used to store "junk" on his property.

As a part of trying to get his conditional use permit, John McEvoy had to hold a neighborhood meeting Thursday night.

Neighbors on KCID Road who met near the site voiced both support and opposition to the proposed paintball course. Some feel it would be fine while others believe it will be a loophole to store "junk."

McEvoy has live on his more than 130 acres for over 40 years, and in that time he has accumulated several cars, trucks, and even homes which are stored on his land.

McEvoy said he collected much of it during his time owning a trucking company. He claims he's also sold much of it and still plans to sell more in the future. He said this permit would allow him to move his stuff and use it on the paintball course.

It would also allow for him to advertise the course even though he would still only take donations. He said more importantly it will give him some extra income.

"I'm very limited on what I can do -- Social Security don't pay hardly anything the VA don't," said McEvoy. So it's a good way to supplement."

Debbie Hribik has lived next door for about 20 years. She is more worried about what all of those cars and trucks could do to the area if they start to leak. While some of the materials could move from her view she worries it could soon become another neighbors problem.

"If he can get that over there permitted then he can just move that stuff over there," said Kribik.

McEvoy plans to put in the rest of the paperwork by Monday and hopefully get a hearing on the permit by mid August or early September.