Cab driver says men pulled gun on him, stole his taxi

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- A dispatcher from ABC Taxi in Boise tells KBOI that two men pulled out a gun on a taxi driver and then took off with the cab.

The ABC dispatcher says she received a call from two men that wanted a ride from at a fast food restaurant on Maple Grove Road to Meridian around 10 p.m. Tuesday.

Dispatch says the driver picked up the men, but when they got to Meridian, the men pulled a gun on the driver and forced him into the passenger seat.

ABC Taxi said the men then drove the driver out to Shaw Mountain Road near Table Rock. The driver says they dropped him off and then took off with the cab.

Boise Police said Wednesday morning the stolen cab has been found. An employee with the cab company said it was found near St. Luke's in downtown Boise.

The driver walked more than a mile from Shaw Mountain to a local hospital to call 911. Ada County dispatchers said they received that call around 4 a.m. Wednesday.

ABC Taxi said the driver is shaken up from the incident, but was unharmed in the armed robbery. The men did take his wallet and phone.

While very little other information has been relseased Wednesday, other taxi drivers in the area say that kind of violence is uncommon for a place like Boise.

"I can say it's very much safe for me," cab driver Enes Kajdic said. "Some people have trouble, but I don't have trouble with nobody."

"That makes my job very easy," driver Denis Miljkovic said. "There never are any issues or concerns about my safety."

So when a cab driver reports that he was robbed at gunpoint, the two say it's a little unnerving.

"We're just there to help those people. What happened last night I just feel so sorry," Kajdic said. "You know you have to worry about it."

"I hope that will never happen to me," Miljkovic said. "It hasn't by now and Boise's the town where we have to be just happy to live in this Treasure Valley area. Idaho is too great for hate."

The two say they aren't necessarily afraid, but will be a little more cautious as a result.

Boise PD said additional details will be released as the investigation allows.