Busted! Real Ada Sheriff detective calls 'fake' jury duty caller back

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Busted.

After complaints began circulating around the Treasure Valley about a jury duty scam, the Ada County Sheriff's Office decided to investigate. And that meant, giving the men behind the line a call.

More than a dozen people in Ada and Canyon counties have recently received phone calls from scammers pretending to work for the Sheriff's Office. In most cases, the scam caller identifies himself as "Lt. Avery" or "Lt. Archer" and requests personal information so they can clear the person's name and cancel the mythical arrest warrant.

A real Ada County Sheriff's office detective called the scam number. The person on the other end must have forgotten his lines, because he answered the phone with the two last names.

"This is Lt. Avery Archer," the man states. | Listen to the Call

The detective calls out the man and says he actually does work for the sheriff's office and even tells him the actual phone number.

"I'm pretty sure you don't," the real detective says. "Do you want to tell me where you are at so I can come arrest you?"

The man on the line just says "he's everywhere" and tells the real detective to get to work before hanging up.

"You're really lagging dog," he says.

The jury duty callers tell their victims to go to a store, get a pre-paid credit card (like a Green Dot), load it up with money, and then call a phone number with the card information.

The numbers they have used that have shown up on called ID include (208) 221-2857 and (714) 213-9401. (The 714 area code is from Southern California).

By the way, if you miss jury duty, expect a letter in the mail.

If you've received a phone call from one of these scams, call the Ada County Sheriff's Office at 377-6790.