Businessman donates golf course to the city

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - One Boise businessman has decided he wants to donate the Quail Hollow Golf Course to the city.

The mayor says he got a call from Quail Hollow golf course owner Dave Hendrickson's attorney to talk about a huge donation. Mayor Dave Bieter said, "He says 'my client would like to give the city a golf course.' And I said, excuse me, a miniature golf course?"

City officials say Hendrickson has no kids and wanted to pass on the course to the city. The only condition it has to be used as a golf course or open space. Right now Boise already has one municipal golf course, Warms Springs. The city says it won't use any government funding for Quail Hollow because they expect a profit of more than $50,000 a year, and that is after $100,000 funded for capital expenses for the course. Officials say any profit will be turned around and invested back in the course.

City officials say they will be running the golf course as a business and have no expectations of ever needing money from the general fund. Some golfers felt the city should stay out of the golf business. "I would frankly play for a private golf course than one owned by the government. I don't like doing more business with the government than we already have too. Even for fun." Steve Fredriksen said.

The city says green fees will stay the same, memberships will still be honored and employees will stay on and now work for the city. They say the golf course won't need any major changes so it will be business as usual and best of all no money from the general fund.