Bus driver was drowsy, had eyes closed prior to crash, police say

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The driver of a ValleyRide city bus has been charged after police say he crashed into the Idaho Power headquarters building last week.

Boise Police said officers have charged the 59-year-old driver, Fatangia Moala, with negligent driving. Investigators say Moala was driving drowsy and had his eyes closed just prior to the crash.

After plowing over Main Street, the bus went over a curb, and then rammed into the building -- taking out a pillar. One passenger was taken to the hospital.

The driver told firefighters after the crash that the brakes had stopped working.

The trail of debris left by the bus covered approximately 100 yards, from Grove to Main Street. The bus ran over and sheered off five trees, all approximately 10 - 12 inches in diameter, two light poles and an ACHD sign before hitting the building and coming to a stop.

Moala faces a $300 fine and up to six months in jail.