Bus crash passenger says ride felt longer than video

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - After all the damage from a wild bus crash, one passenger was surprised no one looked seriously hurt. Luke Hayhurst says after seeing the video of the crash he thought the whole ride was a lot longer than what he saw.

Luke Hayhurst rides 10 miles a day to and from work at St Luke's hospital, the one day he took the bus because of icy roads he gets taken for a wild ride. Hayhurst says he didn't feel any braking from the bus just full speed ahead. "I couldn't understand why we weren't stopping. Just kept going," Hayhurst said.

Hayhurst says he was surprised the diver hit no other cars.

"It would have been a completely different situation if it was an hour later. That whole parking lot would have been full of Idaho power employees,' he said.

Hayhurst also had his bike on the front of the bus while trees were pounding the glass and a post was falling in the crash. "I was like oh no my bike. I walked the scene and I found what was left of my bike and there wasn't much," Hayhurst said.

He says he looked for his bike after the crash and walked the route but found bits and pieces and has never found the handle bars. Hayhurst says he isn't planning on any legal action against the bus driver. He only wants to get reimbursed for his bike and so far the bus company says they will get back to him.