BSU readies for guns on campus July 1

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- It's Spring Break, a downtime at Boise State University.

But behind the tranquil scenes, BSU administrators are getting ready for July First, when the guns on campus bill takes effect.

The College of Western Idaho in Nampa is forming a task force to study the implementation of the new law as well.

"I think everybody's working to make sure campuses stay just as safe as they are today," said Greg Hahn, BSU communications director. "That's the intention at Boise State."

The new law allows retired police officers and those with enhanced permits to carry concealed weapons on campus.

Boise State has been consulting with a national campus safety firm. The university also has the expertise of its own campus security chief, a former FBI and Homeland Security agent, as well as the Boise Police Department.

"The big things we do know, is we will continue to ban open-carry weapons everywhere," said Hahn. "And our response to report of a gun on campus is going to be the same, it has to be...that swift, immediate response by police."

Concealed weapons will not be allowed in places seating a thousand or more such as Bronco Stadium and Taco Bell Arena.

And Idaho already has a firm ban on carrying weapons -- permit or not -- under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In fact, this new law stengthens this provision by mandating that anyone caught violating the alcohol and drug component of law on a college campus will have their concealed carry permit revoked for three years."

But are metal detectors in the future at BSU's big venues?

Officials say that's yet to be determined.