BSU fans won't let a little bad weather rain on their parade

Devoted tailgaters braved the wind and rain. (KBOI photo)

The forecast was looking pretty ominous for Boise State’s Homecoming game Saturday night against Colorado State. But devoted tailgaters say they won’t let a little wet weather rain on their parade.

“We’ve come out here in some pretty severe weather and no, it doesn’t affect it for us," said Laura Metzler, a Bronco fan. "We do a big tailgate regardless of the weather,”

Students were lining up as early as 4 p.m. to get a good seat in the stadium, but many said the weather could keep fans away from the blue turf.

“Definitely not as many people are going to show up because it’s going to be a lot colder. Last game a lot of people left because it was cold and especially with the rain a lot of people are going to be leaving,” Boise State students said. “But those dedicated fans are going to be the ones that are sticking through it.”

KBOI 2News spoke with tailgaters and students preparing for homecoming all of Saturday afternoon, and most fans said they will sit through the game rain or shine.

“If one of us gets struck by lightning we would hold each other up and stay through the game.”

In fact, some say the bad playing conditions could bring a bit of good luck to Boise State tonight.

"When the weather gets worse...we play better so I'm not worried about it," said BSU student, Nathan Carroll.