BSU fans cheer on Broncos from home

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Just because they aren't in Seattle, doesn't mean they're not out supporting their team. BSU fans gathered all over town for the season opener.

Hundreds got together at BSU's Student Union Building to watch the game in their Boise State gear.

"We're not able to be with the guys over there, but this is kind of what we do when we're here anyway," said Thomas Jensen, a fan, "We dress in costumes, we have fun with a few hundred of our friends and it's the best thing to hang out with a bunch of people dressed in blue and orange."

"I love cheering on my team no matter where I am, no matter where they are," said BSU student Jayson Davis, "I just want to make sure I'm with this huge group of people in the SUB...just ready to cheer on the Broncos."

Local bars and restaurants were packed with fans, too.

"You see people everywhere in blue and orange, so you know all of Boise's in for it," said BSU alum Mike Rose.

"No matter where we are, they know...they feel our energy. We send it over to them and they're feeling it there," said Davis.