Boston lockdown: 'It's kind of surreal...for there to be no people around'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Paul Navarro of Boston is reminded of the attacks every time he looks out his window, because he lives right next to the site of the second detonation.

" So my building has been locked down all week and only residents are allowed in," said Navarro. "I have to go through police checkpoints to get into my building, and show ID"

Before the capture of the last bombing suspect on Friday. Paul and others were asked to stay inside with their doors locked until they could finish searching parts of the city. Friday it was sunny and many couldn't believe how empty this normally busy city was.

" It's kind of surreal to be right in the middle of this crime scene, to be part of the city and for there to be no people around."

Even in these trying times Navarro said he is happy to see so many people coming together to help one another.