Boone makes progress as huge community support continues

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) - Just ten days after Kuna football player Boone Bartlome broke his neck, he's now finally able to eat solid food. This comes on the same day there was a huge fundraiser at Meridian Dutch Bros. stands.

Head Football Coach Lee Leslie told KBOI 2News Monday that Boone was finally able to eat mash potatoes and gravy. Before that, his throat was in so much pain he wasn't even able to swallow ice chips.

On the same day, all four Dutch Bros. location in Meridian held a fundraiser for Boone and his family. Every medium drink only cost $2 during the event, and all of the proceeds went to Boone.

By 4 p.m. all of the stores had already raised $7,000 total, and lines were still going into the evening.

Even employees for Dutch Bros. were blown away by the number of people. Some said it was the most customers they've seen since opening day. When drinks are given away for free.

Some employees even volunteered to come in and help on their days off, including Makayla Apostolou, who is a senior at Kuna High.

"Everyone is just so supportive it's all over Twitter, Facebook," said Apostolou. "It just amazes me how fast it has gotten around. How many people are willing to support him that's awesome."