Boise's Broadway Bridge gets F rating

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Broadway Avenue Bridge in Boise is the most structurally deficient bridge in the Treasure Valley. After the collapsed bridge in Washington many are wondering how safe Idaho bridges are.

Broadway Bridge was built in 1956, but it's now starting to show wear and tear with cracks and exposed rusted metal. The Idaho Transportation Department says if any bridge was unsafe they wouldn't let people travel on it.

The roadway, which is right next to Boise Sate University, is heavily traveled by commuters, and sports fans. While drivers say they feel safe traveling on it, many people who bike across don't feel the same way.

"Biking over it I feel like I could easily go the wrong way, or hit something and it could be dangerous," said BSU student Kym Couch.

Thankfully the planning process for replacing the bridge is already underway. The bridge will be totally torn down and replaced. Construction is expected to start in the Winter of 2014 with completion expected by the fall of 2015.